Al-Ihsaan Academy

An overview of the new premises.

Need For a New Premises & a New Place of Worship​

To date, some of the Academy’s work has been rendered from a temporarily hired Church premises, whilst quite a lot of it has been carried out without a base altogether. Unfortunately, this has limited the Academy’s services and activities it can offer. As part of its plans to further expand its activities and prayer facilities, and to better facilitate current ones, for quite a while now, the Academy has been looking for a suitable premises. After viewing many properties, Alhamdulillah through the Grace of the Almighty and the Du’as of our elders and well-wishers, the Academy has purchased the Ilford Preparatory School in the Seven Kings Area, Ilford, London, IG3 8RW.

Muslims In Redbridge

The Muslim community is rapidly increasing in the UK with almost half of the population of Muslims living in London. In the 2011 census Redbridge had over 64,999 Muslims and is currently the third largest Muslim populated borough in London whilst experiencing the biggest influx of Muslims moving into the area. This makes purchasing a property in this area a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity, to have a central facility that would offer a multi-faceted service, catering for the current and future needs of the whole community.

Acquisition Of Ilford Preparatory School

The main building, located on the junction of High Road and Kingswood Road, and the neighbouring former Library premises, were built in the early years of the 20th Century. At the rear of the building is a playground, with an enclosed courtyard, which is fully netted and provides an all purpose play area for children. The third building, the double fronted “Lodge House”, adjoins the main school buildings with a small enclosed front & back garden.The Ilford Preparatory School comprises of a decent size hall and 16 rooms which will be just ideal for worship purposes