Adult Islamic Studies

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “the acquisition of knowledge is incumbent upon every Muslim” (Ibn Majah & Bayhaqi)

“Do you want to study the basics of deen❓
“New to Islam and in need of someone to guide you step by step❓
“Do you feel your knowledge of Islam is not sufficient?”
“Find yourself in doubt regarding many aspects of Islam?”
Or “would you like to advance in your Islamic knowledge

Then these classes are definitely for you‼

(Currently for brothers)

Basics course
• Hadīth
• Aqīdah
• Fiqh
• Sīrah
⌛ 3 x half-hour sessions

Perfect for those brothers who are new to Islam, those who have not had the opportunity to study when young or even for those who want to refresh the core knowledge of Islam.

Advanced course
• Tafseer
• Hadith
• Fiqh
• Aqidah
• Sīrah

This course involves a more detailed study in the above subjects.
⌛ Two x 45 minute lessons per day.

Both courses takes place only once a week, (a very small commitment!) every Thursday – 8pm to 9.30pm.

These courses are taught by qualified ‘Ulama and are conducted in the English language. Classes run according to the school calendar (holidays etc).

To enrol or for more info please contact:
07542 775651

Induction Date: Date: Thursday 4th May ’23

Al-Ihsaan Academy
783-785 High Rd,
IG3 8RW,
Seven Kings,